Cluj Perl Mongers - Who We Are?

  • The Perl Counts of Transylvania.
  • Organizers of the biggest Perl conference in Romania
  • A bunch of geeks who know Perl and are not afraid to use it
  • We meet and have fun presenting and debating awesome tech topics.
  • And our after parties are to die for, lots of blood (ok, not really blood, mostly beer) has been spilled so far at banquets hosted by the Perl Counts of Transylvania.

A Short History of Cluj Perl Mongers

We were born on March the 2nd 2012, and our “godfather” is none other than the well-known mst, as he was our very first guest speaker, introducing our community into perl mongership & what does it mean to be part of the worldwide Perl family.

You might wonder why we’ve chosen the vampire to represent us and be part of our logo. Well, we were born in Transylvania. Do we need to say more?

In March 2015, the community turned 3, and we celebrated alongside our wonderful guest speakers, none other than Larry Wall & his lovely wife, Gloria.

The local community had a huge support in its creation and development. It came from Evozon, as their wish was to set-up the Perl community and to introduce and provide resources that would support it. But besides all the resources, the fact that we are alive and kicking is also due to our commitment to do awesome stuff together as a community, and be an active part of the bigger family of Perl Mongers.

The result is a crowd of technical presentations and a community that has been growing ever since, becoming the biggest Perl event in Romania. Also, a particular thing is that managed to attract a lot of female members, and quite a bunch of them gave talks at our events. (Maybe it was because of the cake we’ve promised them, but we’re never going to know the truth, are we?).

In addition, attracting new people to the community is a permanent goal of ours, and the fact that at the latest event 35% of the attendees were newbies is a success story.

Throughout our events, we moved from one conference venue to another, from pubs to more pubs, talked about almost everything that Perl has to offer and we had marvelous guest speakers, such as Matt S. Trout, Chisel Wright, Mark Keating, Sawyer X, Ribasushi, Leon Timmermans, Wendy and Liz, Curtis Ovid Poe, or Larry Wall. facts and figures

community members
growth since the 1st ever event
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